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Hands-on Business Consulting

Grow your business and increase profits by focusing on the 4 Key Performance Areas of Strategy, Marketing, Sales, and Innovation. MindStorm will be physically on premises, working hands-on with your team to dramatically increase sales, reduce costs, boost profitability, improve productivity, and strategically innovate so you can create a 100 Year Company.

Customized Sales Training

Watch company revenues skyrocket as your team is trained on how to present your specific products and services in a way that compels customers to buy, buy more, and buy now. Both the Top Producer Program and the Power Persuasion training are customized for your company and optimized to achieve the highest possible capture rates for your sales team.

High-Performance Business Coaching

Learn all the strategies, tools, and blueprints we use to grow businesses and take your company to the next level. Perfect for C Level Executives, Business Owners, and managers to master the most powerful approaches to dominating your market. This virtual consulting program is a low cost solution that offers high end strategies.

All business strategies are not created equal. Your business needs a specialized plan specific to your particular industry and market in order to succeed.

Top innovation keep winning. MindStorm focus on these three areas: Bussiness Model innovation, Innovation Process and New Product Development
To reach true success in today’s highly competitive world, you have to actively participate in many types of making campaigns and do soo strategically.
A company without sales does not exist. We focus on these four areas, Sales & Marketing Fusion, Training PRograms, Sales Force Restructuring and Sales Process & cycles.

January 28, 2016
EW YORK, Jan. 27, 2016 /PRNewswire/– Statistically, fifty percent of small businesses will fail within the first five years. While most small business owners hope…

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August 14, 2015
Because of Amazon, we’re used to customized shopping experiences. I, for one, like the “recommended for you” selections. How does Amazon and other ecommerce destinations…

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April 3, 2015
Customize your public profile URL Make your personal profile easy to get to by customizing your LinkedIn public profile URL. Instead of a URL with…

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