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Accelerate Growth with Outbound Sales

Triple your sales pipeline using a breakthrough approach in prospecting


The Ultimate Prospector

The Cold Email & Social Selling System for generating sales meetings on demand. This methodology has been
created from years of testing over 2 million outreach efforts generating thousands of sales appointments to build the ultimate process.

Million Dollar Closer

Build a team of Million Dollar producers to skyrocket growth. They will close more deals, more often, with our step by step sales process using the most advanced research in human psychology and the science of selling.

The B2B Prospector

Software automation that leverages LinkedIn’s platform to access their database of 470 million executives to generate a consistent flow of high-value sales meetings by systematically building relationships.

Sales Process Design
We strategically design a step-by- step process that is repeatable and scalable, which moves a buyer from prospect to client- rapidly.

This methodology allows the sales people to know what to do with their prospect at each stage and what needs to happen to advance them to the next. We create a roadmap to closing deals.

Organizations with a structured sales process can increase revenues by 30-40% and consistently have shorter sales cycles.

What compliments a great system is great training. In today’s competitive business world, if you don’t have a formally trained sales team, you don’t have a sales team at all.
With the proper training your team will be able to: build stronger rapport and trust, ask strategic questions to ignite desire, deliver their presentation with precision, overcome objections like a pro, close more effectively, and follow up systematically.
Automate time-consuming, but important, tasks such as making initial contact, request meetings, sending follow-up messages and emails, nurture relationships, and tracking performance. Studies show that salespeople waste 80% of their time on administrative tasks and only 20% of their time engaging in sales conversations.

By automating the prospecting process, they can spend 80% of their time selling! A 4X increase in selling time will multiply sales opportunities in their pipeline and rapidly increase sales.

March 16, 2017
When we talk about a niche, this is one of those lessons that you already “know” but probably aren’t following, or at least to the extent you can. I love speaking deeper on topics people are already familiar with because we save time by me not having to prove the concept. I’ll prove it anyway just to build more leverage on you to follow through.

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January 30, 2017
A great tool of outbound sales is the use of cold emails. This is when you personalize relevant email content to prospects you had no prior contact with. Sounds easy enough, right? Add an email address, throw in quick verbiage about your firm, and press send. But is it really that simple?

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December 1, 2016
Wouldn’t it be great to have the ability to instantly create strong rapport with anyone of your choosing? A potential client, a future business partner, or maybe someone on a personal level. How about creating that instant connection with an entire group?

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