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The Power Persuasion Method is designed to turn your prospects into customers in the shortest amount of time.


The Power Persuasion Method is designed to turn your prospects into customers in the shortest amount of time. At MindStorm, everything we do incorporate two things- Results and Speed. Not only did we want to create a “system” for selling that can consistently produce results, we wanted the process to be able to produce those results in the shortest period of time. We realize that at any given moment that prospect’s phone can ring or your meeting can be cut short so every second counts. We developed a method which creates intense interest right from the beginning and then helps the customer make that purchase that he or she is now excited about- it does all of this with no wasted movements so your sales will skyrocket.

The Power Persuasion Method is a formula that combines powerful presentation style pitch with consultative selling so you are literally getting the best of both worlds- each compensating where the other lacks. For example, the strength in consultative selling is that you are finding out the specific needs your prospect has. This allows you to focus only on the features and benefits that the prospect wants to hear. The weakness in consultative selling is that it’s a long drawn out process. So the prospects, who were hot and ready to buy, lose interest by the long question and answer process of the consultative approach. It’s also misleading because a consultant would be impartial and give an unbiased recommendation. Everyone knows that this person is motivated to make a sale.

Presentation style pitches, on the other hand, can get a prospect excited fast and, when done right, can have the prospect quickly making a purchase. The weakness in this style is that many times the salesperson doesn’t know specifically what the prospect would like to hear so they end up making the same general presentation to everyone. Depending on who they’re talking to, sometimes they’re hitting the hot buttons and other times they’re ruining a sale by talking about features and benefits that is not of any interest to that buyer. This approach can also seem insincere and can be a waste of time for many- hence the “numbers game” approach.

The Power Persuasion Method is the ultimate method of selling. You’ll immediately find out what the prospect is looking to get out of the conversation. You’ll know what their needs are, what they want to feel and exactly how to deliver so that you demonstrate that your product meets those needs better than anyone else.

Let’s discuss the POWER in the PPM:


We know that we buy on emotion and justify with logic. So although it’s great to get someone excited about making a purchase, you have to prove it’s worth it or that it works. In the last example I demonstrated one of my points so you actually experienced it as opposed to us just saying it works. There are many ways to show proof like to incorporating testimonials or case studies into your presentation. The Power Persuasion Method is structured to make each prospect completely happy with making the purchase.


It’s not just about what you say, but also when you say it. The sequence in how you structure your conversation can mean the difference between getting that big account or not. For example- if you start giving your recommendation before you established trust, your recommendation will mean nothing. But if your presentation is structured where you establish trust in both your intentions and your ability to perform, then and only then will a prospect will be hanging on to your every word.


There is a teacher and a student in every relationship. If you don’t like that example you can use parent and child, or boss and employee. In either scenario, the superior doesn’t take recommendations from subordinates. He who holds the authority in that relationship holds the power. Authority creates trust. This method puts the sales person in the authoritative position helping the customer make the right decision. This system is so powerful that it must be used responsibly. A code of ethics is taught as well because although we wanted to create a system that gets to YES as fast as possible, we did not create a system for anyone to abuse.


If you control the conversation, you control what the person focuses on. If you control what that person focuses on then you can influence, control which emotions that person experiences in that moment. For example, if I said to you “How would it affect your business if you would be able to double your sales with this method?” Now that’s a loaded question because there’s an assumption that this method would double sales and by answering the question you automatically accept the assumption. Also the only way to answer that question is for your brain to picture your sales being doubled (by this method) and describe the feeling that comes from that picture. We know ahead of time that the feeling will be a good one! Now for those of you who say, well I just won’t answer that question- I ask you this.. What’s 2 + 2? Please don’t answer it. Too late because your brain does it automatically. He who controls the conversation, controls the experience of that conversation. The Power Persuasion Method creates a GREAT buying experience for your customer. Not only will they buy, but they will be excited about doing it.

Objection handling:
Most sales people get flustered when they hear objections. They start getting upset, assuming that the customer isn’t interested and their performance suffers. I say performance because you are performing. You are giving all of your excitement, energy, and knowledge in a well thought out conversation that is secretly a speech. You’re anticipating every possible objection that your prospect might have and have the best possible response prepared and you are performing to deliver it flawlessly. With the Power Persuasion Method, we know that if a prospect has an objection he or she is asking you to help them buy. They might either not fully understand the benefit or might be looking for something else completely. Your job is to help them make a purchase. This program helps cut through the clutter to help the customer find exactly what they’re looking for.

Easy to buy:

This program creates desire. There’s a big difference in feeling like you “should” buy it and you “want” to buy it. We’re talking about the “I need it now – I have to buy it” type of want. In order for us to continue making this a pleasurable experience for the client, we have to make it very easy to buy. No hard closes, no pressure. The customer already wants it and now you’re just showing them what to do next. A great sales conversation can come to a screeching halt with the wrong close of the conversation. The Power Persuasion Method flows right into the order form and helps this customer get exactly what they want with ease.


Like the saying goes, there is power in words. Each word used to create a different emotional effect and we all know that emotions are what motivates people to take action. This method uses specific language that creates a desire in purchasing your product or service.

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