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Mindstorm’s most powerful business solution is Strategic Hands-On Consulting or also known as the SHOC Program.

Mindstorm’s most powerful business solution is a Strategic Hands-On Consulting or also known as the SHOC Program. This is where a Mindstorm team of consultants physically comes to your location and works hands on with management to eliminate current growth challenges and helps you strategically grow your business.


Interview 30 Employees. All levels and positions. This helps us learn the challenges that management might not be aware of and helps identify the most pressing issues that are stopping your business from growing.

Determine ROI on Marketing Channels. This analysis uncovers the most and least effective marketing efforts. We then could eliminate the non-performers and double up on the highest producing efforts. All while creating tests for new marketing channels.

Cost Analysis on Fixed and Variable Costs. Part of increasing profit is lowering cost. We focus on costs to determine how we can eliminate excess waste and deliver a better product less expensively.

Processes, Procedure, and Protocol Evaluation. Make sure the best practices are used in every process and procedure to get the most out of production. The fastest way to increase production is to be more productive.

Improve Corporate Strategy. Your company’s performance depends on the strategy you follow. Mindstorm Strategic Consulting will help you develop corporate and business strategies to dominate your market.

Develop A Power Brand. For a company to be successful you need more than marketing. We help you create a powerful brand in which consumers and businesses associate your company with specific positive feelings.

Innovate New Products and Services. Great innovation keeps you ahead of the competition. It’s critical that you constantly upgrade your current products and services so they never become outdated. Mindstorm will also help you bring new, exciting, and disruptive products to market so you can become the leader.

Sales Force Development, Training, and Expansion. Finding and hiring superstars will be a game changer for your business. Mindstorm knows how to scout the best talent and turn them into high producing sales machines.

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