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Many times companies have great sales people but just an ineffective structure.

Many times companies have great sales people but just an ineffective structure. Sometimes even the slightest adjustments can have a major impact on sales. MindStorm will help make sure your highest producing sales people are spending all their time on the highest income producing tasks. Most importantly, the tasks that are a perfect fit for that person’s talents and skills.

For example: You might have your sales team looking to create interest with cold calls. Although this is a task for marketing, in some cases cold calling is a good return on investment. But when highly skilled sales people are canvassing an area or calling cold lists to create interest, this is very costly and yields very little. The equivalent of this is having Derek Jeter working as a hotdog vendor in your stadium. There is a much more valuable use for his time if he was batting for your baseball team instead. A solution to this, if cold calling is a must for your organization, would be to hire cheaper less talented individuals just to contact as many people as possible and create interest. This person would be setting appointments and giving only interested people to your superstar salespeople.

There are many ways that marketing can replace the need for your low-level telemarketer but there are some industries like the financial industry where the low-level telemarketing position is a good training program to develop these young superstars into seasoned vets. The most important thing is to get high production people spending their energy on high income producing tasks.

Another example of restructuring is to move certain individuals from inside sales to outside and vice versa. Different people excel in different environments and selling on the telephone requires different skills than selling in person. We will work with each sales person and determine their strengths and weaknesses. We’ll also document what opportunities that person provides and list any potential risk they pose to your company.

In some cases, it’s best to have one type of sales team specific to a type of marketing campaign. For example, If you send out catalogue as a direct mail piece then the people who are responding to that usually are just interested in taking an order. They don’t need consultative selling, they don’t need your salespeople to create interest- they need order takers. Now it’s important to train these individuals on how to sell as well. They need to be taught exactly how to overcome objections in case they come up, how to upsell and cross sell. These people have to be constantly trained just like your other salespeople but these people would be specific to that campaign.

Here at MindStorm we will make sure that your sales team’s infrastructure is optimized to produce the highest amount of sales and the most amount of profits. Call us today to discuss the structure of your sales force. We will give you a complete evaluation absolutely free.

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