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Studies show that 94% of sales people do not follow up after 4 meetings with a client, meanwhile 80% of sales happen after the 5 creating interest and close more deals.

Systematic Follow Up:

Only 2% of transactions happen at the first meeting, which makes follow up vital. Studies show that 94% of sales people do not follow up after 4 meetings with a client, meanwhile 80% of sales happen after the 5 creating interest and close more deals.

Fishing for Whales:

Big clients can account for 80% of your revenues. Getting large clients is one of the easiest and fastest ways to grow your business. This in another great addition to the first 3 impact areas.

Marketing Domination:

Marketing isn’t just a one time event, it should be an ongoing process. Marketing Domination is the conscious effort to dominate online, offline, and social marketing.

Hiring only the best:

The success or failure of a company usually boils down to the quality of people that the company employs. To be a success, each person must have the skills to get the job done (or at least the ability to learn them), the motivation to follow through, a passion for the work that they are doing (or at least the company’s mission), and be in an environment to thrive. By hiring superstars (not just any superstars, superstars that are right for the company and position) they will perform at level 9 or 10 and the customers will have a great experience. Hire the wrong employees and it will be very expensive for your company.

Power Sales Force:

Your sales team is one of the most important members of your organization because they are responsible for creating the company’s revenue. This area of focus in a combination of 1 & 2. We want to hire only the best salespeople we possibly can find. There are many traits to look for, such as sales skills, customer empathy, drive, high work ethic, and many more. Not only do we want to hire the best salespeople we can find, we also want to give them the best possible training on selling your product. You have to create a “force” out of your sales force and create an army of individuals who can communicate the benefits of your products and services to the world.


Constant focus on increasing skills, align the team with company values, discover and overcome challenges in each department. This is to keep each member of the team (including CEO) on the path to success. Any steps off the path lead you away from the company’s vision and mission.

Systems, Policies, & Procedures:

YYou can’t have massive clients pouring in without having great systems in place. If you do something that works and it gives you the best possible results, then you want everyone doing that same thing. Not once in a while, but 10 out of 10 times. Systems create an order. They create predictability.

Strategic Thinking:

Think like a strategist. Everything is done for a reason. There are no wasted movements. All strategies are stacked to compound the effects and get the highest reach, responses, and impact.

GMAP (Goals, Motivations, Actions, Plan):

(Time Management meets Strategy Map)- To increase production, you have to be more productive. Time management is vital to productivity. There are many different time management strategies to use, but our GMAP is one of the best we’ve seen because it takes your Goals, highlights your Motivations (reason WHY) and list specific Actions needed to create the ultimate time management plan.

Client Bonding & Referrals:

Create clients for life and geometrically grow your business by having each new client bringing you 2 or 3 more creating a never ending perpetual cycle of growth.

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