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Studies show that more than 55% of sales people have never had any type of formal training.

Your sales team is your biggest asset. It is, for most companies, the single biggest source of your company’s revenue. For those who do not focus on, invest in, and sharpen the skills of their sales team is a huge mistake that can be costing millions of dollars in lost revenue.

Studies show that more than 55% of salespeople have never had any type of formal training. As a matter of fact, most salespeople have learned what they call “sales” from on the job training. This is a scary statistic. Imagine going to a surgeon who was self-taught. The truth is that many companies solely rely on sales people who are unskilled.

  1.  With your sales force being so vital to your organization, what are you doing to constantly make it more effective?
  2.  Do you offer inhouse training?
  3.  Are they being taught the most advanced strategies in persuasion?
  4.  Are they taught the specific routines that the top 1% of salespeople do day in and day out?
  5.  Are they given the latest tools in technology to close more deals?
  6.  Do you provide the ideal environment to makes sales people thrive? For example- motivation, competition, and a feeling of pride for being a member of your team?

If you answered no to any of these questions you should immediately think about what you can do to better serve and preserve your most valuable asset. Here are 2 different types of training that we offer. The Power Persuasion method and Top Producer Program, Both equally as important.

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