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Business Consulting Service

Larger companies realize the necessity of hiring consultants on a regular basis.

Small Companies

Many people start a business based on a particular talent or set of skills that they can offer to others. Although these people may be very knowledgeable about their craft, more often than not, they do not have the same skillset on business. It’s common to see the small business owner’s lack the knowledge of optimal business models, best practices to grow the business, important formulas and ratios to determine the actual health of the company, nor the ability to anticipate the challenges that lie ahead.

Although these business owners will make sure that they have an attorney to look over a contract and an accountant to make sure they’re filing their taxes right, rarely do they hire a consultant to help them run their business effectively and profitably. That is why you hear the statistics that 95% of startups not last 10 years. To the business owner’s defense, the cost of hiring consultants is usually too high to high for the business owner to afford. This forces them to try to figure it out on their own and eventually fail. Mindstorm is changing that. We believe that proper guidance is vital to every organization, in most cases more than that of the attorney or accountant. Not saying these professionals are not important, but if your business fails, there is no need for the accountant or the attorney.

Mindstorm is providing strategy, marketing, and business consulting services at very affordable rates for all businesses and business sizes. You can receive the best business strategies through any one of our consulting, coaching, and training services that meet your needs. Mindstorm delivers these high-profit strategies through multiple channels, from in-person to virtual, giving everyone the ability to benefit.

Mid-Size and Large Companies

Larger companies realize the necessity of hiring consultants on a regular basis. In fact, most likely that is how they’ve gotten to the stage they have. These companies usually have a much different set of problems. They have hired employees that have degrees in business and others who have experience. They understand the fundamentals of business and the importance of growth. Unfortunately, most medium and large size companies are so big and bloated that their departments do not function as one lean machine. The left hand often doesn’t speak to the right hand. There are so many managers and VP’s that the structure often gets in the way of the company’s success because there are so many layers that the upper management often has no idea what’s happening on the front lines with the actual customers. The politics alone in the corporate world cost the companies millions. Sometimes each department is fighting another for funding never mind trying to work as one cohesive unit.

Although mid-size companies don’t have it as bad, they are dealing with their own set of problems. It’s a combination of both. They have some of the problems that the larger companies have but they don’t have the capital and cash flow resources like the large companies. The larger companies also have systems, policies, and procedures in place where the midsize company is trying to figure all that out.

Mindstorm helps mid to large companies focus on the areas that will have the biggest impact on the bottom line. Our processes will show your company areas that money is being spent that aren’t producing results and how to use these funds in higher impacting areas to get a much higher return on your investment.


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