EW YORK, Jan. 27, 2016 /PRNewswire/– Statistically, fifty percent of small businesses will fail within the first five years. While most small business owners hope their businesses thrive, many are finding it hard to just survive. The number one cause of these failures have been attributed to mismanagement and bad decisions. MindStorm is offering to help the small business community combat this problem by donating a portion of their consulting hours to help business owners achieve success.

MindStorm’s Community Outreach Program is in its third year running. Participants receive one-on-one consulting to develop a step by step strategy to rapidly achieve their business goals. In the past this event was by invitation only but for 2016 MindStorm would like to extend this invitation to the entire small business community.

To qualify the small business must meet the following criteria:

Must have fewer than 50 employees
Must have annual revenues less than $25M
Must be in business for at least one year
MindStorm CEO (www.Mind-Storm.com) and business growth expert, George Athan believes that every business owner should have the opportunity to get the guidance they need so that they can make the best business decisions possible. “Most small business owners know to hire an accountant to do their taxes or have an attorney represent them in court, yet you don’t hear about them having a business consultant. This typically happens because small business owners don’t know how important it is to have a consultant and others believe that they can’t afford to hire one. The Community Outreach Program addresses both issues,” said Athan.

“MindStorm really helped me flesh out a methodology for moving my business forward by asking and making me answer questions that I hadn’t yet considered. I know that the methodology that came after our meetings was much better because of the interaction I had with MindStorm,” said Jonathan Baird who owns the web development and internet marketing company Netsville.

Margy Squires of To Your Health said “We’ve worked with other coaches and consultants but MindStorm was the best. The very first session, our consultant listened to our company story, day to day operations, future goals and what drove our passion. The program we worked on together was thus a model for our company specifically. In addition, MindStorm drew from a repertoire of success stories with their other clients that were applicable to us as well. This was a positive, engaging experience with an action plan and tangible, positive results.”

Business owners that are interested in applying to the program can go to:

About MindStorm: MindStorm Strategic Consulting helps clients in diverse industries increase sales, reduce costs, boost profitability, and improve productivity so they can become bigger, stronger, and faster. Our professionals employ their expertise in four key performance areas of strategy, marketing, sales, and innovation to help clients achieve rapid growth.

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