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Not Focusing on a Niche is Costing You Millions

When we talk about a niche, this is one of those lessons that you already “know” but probably aren’t following, or at least to the extent you can. I love speaking deeper on topics people are already familiar with because we save time by me not having to prove the concept. I’ll prove it anyway just to build more leverage on you to follow through.

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The 8 Cardinal Rules of Cold Emails (Strategies)

A great tool of outbound sales is the use of cold emails. This is when you personalize relevant email content to prospects you had no prior contact with. Sounds easy enough, right? Add an email address, throw in quick verbiage about your firm, and press send. But is it really that simple?

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How “Traditional Rapport Building” is Killing Your Sales and How to Create True Rapport Rapidly!

Wouldn’t it be great to have the ability to instantly create strong rapport with anyone of your choosing? A potential client, a future business partner, or maybe someone on a personal level. How about creating that instant connection with an entire group?

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MindStorm Strategic Consulting Offers Free Business Consulting to Small Businesses

Statistically, fifty percent of small businesses will fail within the first five years. While most small business owners hope their businesses thrive, many are finding it hard to just survive. The number one cause of these failures have been attributed to mismanagement and bad decisions. MindStorm is offering to help the small business community combat this problem by donating a portion of their consulting hours to help business owners achieve success.

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Using Social Media to Research Prospects – Creepy or Not Creepy

Because of Amazon, we're used to customized shopping experiences. I, for one, like the "recommended for you" selections. How does Amazon and other ecommerce destinations mystically "know" which items would be most intriguing to us? When we consider information gathering and alternate mechanics behind hyper-custom-made recommendations, they can begin to appear to be meddling and possibly frightening.

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