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Archive for April, 2015

How to Become the Top 1% on LinkedIn

Make your personal profile easy to get to by customizing your LinkedIn public profile URL. Instead of a URL with a ton of letters and numbers, it will look nice and professional like this: http://www.linkedin.com/in/georgeathan1.

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What Your Sales Team Can Learn from the Local Psychic- and it’s Not the Future!

A few days ago a friend of mine went to a psychic. She was not only going for the entertainment value, but to hopefully connect on some level with family members who had recently passed. I spoke with her after her session and the response was very similar to previous post-visit conversations we've had in the past. It went something like this: “She knew about X, she knew about Y, she told me that I was going to Z”. As a matter of fact, this conversation was identical to many conversations that I've had with people after their encounter with a psychic!

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